Ward app

The ward app helps ward councillors and committee officials to track issues affecting citizens in their ward.  It summarises issues raised by citizens and those representing them.  Councillors can see which activities municipalities, districts and provinces take to resolve problems affecting citizens.  The app also summarises key demographic data for the ward.


Issues affecting citizens in the ward

The app brings summarises data logged by citizens and organisations representing them for each ward.  This gives councillors and committee members a current and evolving picture of issues affecting the quality or availability of public services.

Councillors can move from a high level summary - showing the most common category of issues affecting their constituents - to the detail of each individual issue.  As public bodies respond to issues they can view updates and issue status in real time, tracking which issues are blocked, which are progressing and which have been resolved.

Ward demographics

The app summarises key demographic data for citizens in each ward.  This includes...

Ward council meetings and consultations

The app enables ward councillors and committee members to track the minutes of council meetings.  This enables committee members to directly record which issues have been discussed and their status.  The app also supports consultations around local planning processes, including the integrated development plan.