Writing for Development course : Bringing creativity and discipline to thinking and writing

Course description

Writing well demands that we move between the freedom of creative expression and the discipline of structure. Yet we often get stuck somewhere on the continuum and demand of ourselves a perfect product delivered within the limited time we have available for writing our reports, case studies and concept notes. Our self-doubt undermines us, the time evaporates and we rush to the finish line barely making the deadline with doubts about the end result and a promise to do it differently next time. If this is familiar, come and join us and be exposed to a better way.

Whether your work requires you to write proposals, reports, concept notes or case studies this course is for you. The course will meet you where you are – although some previous writing experience will be helpful. The course will build your skills and confidence to write documents that are succinct and concise yet engage the reader’s intellect, imagination, heart and will. Beyond learning to write it will also encourage you to write to explore, enquire and learn.

Format - Face to Face

Cost - USD 800

Duration - 5 days

Focus areas - Data Quality

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