Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Course description

The pressure that organisations working in development and social change face to show ‘results’ often ends up undermining our ability to take a step back and look at our work with a fresh perspective, asking new questions. Does our M&E framework represent what we are really trying to achieve? Are we bringing learning into practice adequately? Are our partners learning and growing with us? Or are we just ‘ticking the boxes’ with a growing sense of unease, losing track of the deeper questions? 

This course will assist you in getting the basics right, so that you can comply with the demand for quantitative data, whilst at the same time providing you with a more developmental way of doing M&E that is focused on continuous learning in order to improve future practice and achieve more sustainable impact.

By attending this course, you will gain greater clarity on what good M&E may look like for your organisation and how this could be implemented.

Format - Face to Face

Cost - USD 800

Duration - 5 days

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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