Effective and Creative Evaluation Report Writing

Course Overview

This online course focuses on the key product of an evaluation: the Evaluation Report. In this course, students will learn best practices for effective and creative report writing specific to evaluation reports. Learning points and practical exercises are combined to develop skills in putting together an effective and engaging evaluation report.

Course Objectives

Effective Evaluation Report writing skills are crucial for professionals in Monitoring and Evaluation. The course aims to develop those skills in a systematic manner by covering all aspects of Evaluation Report Writing, from structuring the report to organising an effective follow-up on recommendations.

Upon completion of the course the students will:

 Understand the key preparatory elements needed for writing an effective evaluation report;

 Learn the best principles for evaluation structure, content and design;

 Learn how to present evaluation data in diverse manners and formats;

 Develop writing skills specific to evaluation reports.


The course is taught by Dr. Glenn O'Neil, an evaluation consultant, whose extensive experience involves over 100 evaluations, research and communication projects for international organisations and NGOs in over 40 countries.

Target Audience

 Evaluation consultants, researchers and support staff;

 Evaluation Managers;

 Project and Program Managers;

 Field and HQ staff of humanitarian organisations, government agencies and the private sector;

 Teaching and research staff working in the evaluation field;

 Communication and information specialists;

 Anyone involved in M&E.

 Methodology


This online self-paced course comprises of reading materials, video-lectures and exercises to ensure practicality of the knowledge acquired. Case studies throughout the course are used to ensure the hands-on approach and development of practical skills in report writing. Checklists, tips and templates are provided to the students for usage in their own report writing.


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Provider - TRAASS International Inc. (www.traass.org)

Format - Online

Cost - US$375. Scholarships are available.

Duration - Self-paced

Focus areas - Data Quality