Certificate in Applied Evaluation

From Monitoring & Evaluation to Theory of Change & Contribution Assessment

This certificate course focuses on how to capture the changes arising from your development interventions. Building on your recently acquired monitoring and evaluation skills you explore how the development of a Theory of Change approach can support you in strategic decision making. It includes a 1-1 professional coaching session after you return to work to help embed your learning further.

Why choose this course

This is for managers and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) officers who need to plan and implement M&E in their projects and programmes and for those wanting to improve their M&E skills. This course will focus on the practical aspect of M&E, from the development of a framework to monitor programme and projects to the design of an evaluation. Theory of Change approach will be utilised as a way of bringing learning into practice in order to promote strategic decision making.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and examples of effective practice you learn how to:

  • clarify results at the programme level using logic models and plan a project using the logical framework
  • develop indicators and targets
  • combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather and interpret data
  • use your findings to stimulate learning, improvement and stakeholder buy-in
  • develop and work with a practical M&E system
  • Theory of Change overview
  • Desired Change - understanding how change happens
  • Contribution Assessment framework and participatory methodologies

Provider - IMA International

Format - Face to Face

Cost - £4700

Duration - 3 weeks

Focus areas - Theory of Change

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