Training course on Participatory M&E for Rural Development and Community Managed Programmes


With growing emphasis on participatory approaches towards development, there has been recognition that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) should also be participatory. Conventionally, M&E has involved outside experts coming in to measure performance against pre-set indicators, using standardized procedures and tools. In contrast, participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) involves primary stakeholders as active participants and offers new ways of assessing and learning from change that are more inclusive, and reflects the perspectives and aspirations of those most directly affected.

This course is intended to broaden participants’ understanding of participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) as a support to program/project management at different levels and as a tool for strengthening participation, enhancing local capacity, and increasing local people’s confidence and control over development decisions and processes. The course examines PM&E concepts and principles, as well as methods, tools and techniques, which have been tested and used in the field.

Target audience

The course is intended for planning, monitoring and evaluation officers, program officers, project managers, research/action research officers, trainer/extension workers, community animators/facilitators and advocacy workers, with at least 2 years direct experience in planning, implementing or managing monitoring and evaluation activities. Participants are requested
to bring information materials describing their organizations and monitoring and evaluation activities. English proficiency is a requirement.

Provider - Indepth Research Services

Format - Face to Face

Cost - KES 75,000.00

Duration - 5 days

Focus areas - Participation

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