Fundamentals of Project Management

About this course

The course has duration of three weeks. Each week students will work on the activities and exercises required to meet the learning objectives. Participants require an average of one hour per day to complete the assigned activities. You will learn all the fundamental concepts of modern project management as it is applied in the development and humanitarian sector. You will also learn the essential project management methods and techniques to deliver projects on time and within budget while meeting the expectations of key stakeholders. This course is especially designed to give you a complete understanding of what is project management and how it is used in development projects.


Audience for this course includes people that are new in development or who want to explore career opportunities in development project management. This course is a perfect start for those who are interested in learning the modern concepts of project management and want to become project managers. Course participants include: team members, program managers, project supervisors and project managers wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge to understand the basic concepts of modern project management. Participants to our courses come from various parts of the world, and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that is shared in the course forums.


Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals of Project Management online course participants will: Understand the key terms, definitions of project management. Describe the project cycle and the management processes, identify project structures, understand the roles and responsibilities, and have a clear understanding of project, program and portfolio management. This course is part of the certification program. Students that complete the certification program will receive the Certification in Development Project Management (CDPM).

Provider - Project Management for Development Organizations

Format - Online

Cost - USD$200

Duration - 3 weeks

Focus areas - Project Management

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