Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes


Science for policymaking

In this course participants will learn what a M&E system for food and nutrition security entails. Emphasis will be placed on what steps are needed within the M&E system to facilitate  impact assessment. The course stresses the need for careful selection of indicators in designing information support systems. A scientific basis is used for analysis and interpretation of M&E data to be able to design strong policy on food and nutrition security.

The course is targeted at professionals from the field of food and nutrition security. Highly skilled experts will facilitate the course to ensure participants will obtain sufficient knowledge. The training approach is interactive, experience- as well as evidence-based. Transfer of knowledge will go hand-in-hand with working in international groups or individually on case studies. This course is given together with Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • have new insights into the principles of participatory and learning-oriented, monitoring and evaluation planning in food and nutrition security;
  • have strengthened your competence to design a M&E system including assessments for food and nutrition security programmes and/or projects;
  • have clear ideas for improving M&E systems and impact assessments for food and  nutrition security.

    Provider - WAGENINGEN

    Format - Face to Face

    Cost - 3,875 Euro

    Duration - 1 month

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