Outcomes-based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation

Brief Description:

This course has been developed by one of the authors of arguably the only textbook on monitoring and evaluation written from an African perspective. It aims to equip delegates with a framework for understanding and implementing monitoring and evaluation activities in the work environment. The course leans upon the results-based management approach with particular emphasis on the results chain components of inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts.

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of this course, delegates will be able to:
- understand the concepts of monitoring and evaluation;
- appraise and determine best-fit monitoring methods;
- appreciate evaluation in the context of developmental work;
- understand the framework of analytical categories of evaluation;
- undertake a problem analysis;
- determine relevant indicators and data necessary for evaluation;
- prepare for and implement a monitoring and evaluation process;
- establish baselines and targets;
- develop a results measurement matrix; and
- develop a data-indicators grid.

Course Content:

The course covers the following topics:
1. Concepts of monitoring and evaluation
2. Problem analysis
3. Results-based management
4. M&E readiness assessment
5. Frameworks
6. Selecting indicators
7. Outcome statements
8. Data-related considerations
9. Techniques for monitoring and analytical categories of evaluation
10. Preparation and implementation of monitoring and evaluation

Provider - University Of Pretoria

Format - Face to Face

Cost - R11500

Duration - Not specified

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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