Advanced Master of Development Evaluation and Management

Programme content

The Master in Development Evaluation and Management focuses on the efforts made by a wide range of public and private actors to promote development in low-income countries.

It provides a solid understanding of past and present aid policies of multilateral and bilateral donors, and of the major aid modalities and instruments deployed. The institutional characteristics of the actors involved –governments, community-based organisations, international NGOs, bilateral or multilateral donors – are analysed so as to attain a better understanding of processes and outcomes. The theoretical perspective is that development can be understood as a set of interlocking collective action problems, on both the recipient and the donor side. The Master’s programme offers methodological and practical insights into development evaluation, its relevance and challenges.

The programme offers two tracks with specific objectives and course packages that are intended for different audiences. The first track is primarily macro focused, while the second focuses mainly on the micro level.

Provider - University Of Antwerp

Format - Face to Face

Cost - Not specified

Duration - 12 Months

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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