Post-Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation

A sound approach to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) supports judicious management of resources and appropriate tools to measure progress and results of projects and programs. M&E supports the documentation of accountability and impact and answers questions related to how well a project, programme or policy is working. M&E is also critical to improving management. It can help identify the conditions under which a project/programme is likely to succeed or fail, serves as an early warning system for potentially difficult issues, and generate ideas for remedial actions.


The programme is run on a modular system consisting of four basic modules, six core modules and four elective modules.


A) Basic Modules (4 courses)
PGME6001     Management Information Systems
PGME6002    Management Skills Improvement
PGME6003     Quantitative Methods
PGME6004    Research Methods

B) Core Courses/ Modules (6 courses)
PGME6005    Sustainable Development Strategies
PGME6006     Project Planning and Management
PGME6007    Principles of Monitoring and Evaluation
PGME6008     Monitoring and Evaluation in the Public Sector
PGME6009     Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Frameworks; Design and Development of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
PGME6010     Evaluation and Impact Assessments

Elective Courses/Modules (2 course)

PGME6011     Statistical Packages for Monitoring and Evaluation
PGME6012    Organizational Capacity Assessment for Monitoring and Evaluation
PGME 6013    Consultancy Skills Development
PGME 6014    NGO Management


Format - Distance Learning

Cost - Not specified

Duration - Not specified

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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