Advanced course on monitoring and evaluation: innovations in a dynamic health systems environment


The aim of this short course is to provide participants with a broad knowledge of advanced monitoring and evaluation tools and methods, and how to appropriately apply these in the health sector in developing countries. At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • explain and critically discuss the fundamental concepts that underpin effective monitoring and evaluation of health programs within health systems
  • identify the most appropriate strategy and evaluation design in a given situation, develop M&E plans, select, adapt and apply suitable tools as well as performance indicators and information management systems
  • explain new and innovative approaches to M&E ranging from the appropriate use of technology through to new theoretical frameworks and approaches
  • describe and critically analyse how aid architecture and multiple stakeholders in the health system influence the design of M&E
  • address perspectives of different stakeholders in participation and decision making in the process of M&E
  • interpret results, develop feedback and apply the information strategically                                                                                                   

Provider - KIT Health

Format - Not specified

Cost - 2590 Euro

Duration - 2 weeks

Focus areas - Advanced

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