Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Course objectives

At the end of this course you:

  • know how to effectively monitor and evaluate projects, programmes and organisations;
  • know which information you need to understand the context and manage both results (outputs, outcome, impact) and organisational performance;
  • can collect, analyse, process and present this information;
  • can turn monitoring and evaluation into (participative) learning;
  • can design and steer evaluations to contribute to accountability and stimulate learning by all stakeholders.

This is a blended learning experience with 8 days face-to-face training days and 2 days of online learning.

You start off with an online intake to decide on your learning objective. The MDF trainer helps you to focus on what you really want to achieve, so you get most out of the face-to-face training sessions.

During the face-to-face training sessions, you meet with your trainer and fellow-participants at our Head Office. Through interactive training sessions you work on your know-how and skills.

After the face-to-face period MDF continues to support you through online coaching. MDF also facilitates peer support, so you can continue to exchange with your fellow participants.

Through this blend of on- and offline training sessions you enjoy a learning experience, fully integrated with your work. 

Provider - MDF Training and Consultancy

Format - 8 days Face to face + 2 days Online

Cost - € 3.550,00

Duration - 10 days

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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