Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Programme Aim

The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of an organisation’s policies, strategies, operational and development activities provides government officials, development managers, and civil society with better means for learning.

The majority of multilateral and bilateral international partners utilise the logical framework approach for project design and it is therefore imperative that all local staff involved in the monitoring or evaluation of projects are conversant with this management tool and its use. By the end of the programme delegates will be able to design an M&E system, set indicators, confidently discuss and produce a logical framework and also take into account the growing use of technology in the M&E environment.

The programme aims to stress the importance of the evaluation process in the analysis or interpretation of the collected data which delves deeper into the relationships between the results of the project/programme, and how this can be used for the benefit of future projects and programmes. The programme also explores the importance of Value for Money indicators in the process. The site visits included in the seminar will give delegates access to academics currently involved in tried and tested new M&E techniques and to a charities evaluation service actively involved in live projects and programmes.


Format - Face to face (London, UK)

Cost - £3850

Duration - 2 weeks

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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