Master’s in Programme Evaluation

When one evaluates a programme‚ one asks: Is it working? Sometimes we also ask: How is it working? The answers to these questions will give us evidence about the merit or value of the programme. To get to these answers‚ we have to know about programme evaluation methods‚ research design and statistics. We also have to know about monitoring (tracking the progress of the programme) and programme theory (the way in which programmes change a problem or people). Students who acquire this knowledge may leave the programme as competent programme evaluators.

The programmes we are talking about can be social programmes (programmes which do good and change problems‚ like poverty‚ children at risk‚ HIV/Aids‚ eradication of informal settlements‚ domestic violence‚ drug addiction) or people management programmes (programmes in big companies aimed at improving lack of skills‚ poor performance‚ organisational culture‚ etc.). Programme evaluators find out if these programmes work and how to improve them so that they work better.

The people who choose this degree are people who want to make the world a better place by applying their high-level‚ scientific skills to programme improvement. They can think logically‚ plan systematically and solve complex problems. Programme evaluation and improvement is an intellectually challenging activity that provides intrinsic job satisfaction.

Provider - University of Cape Town

Format - Face to face

Cost - R28,270

Duration - One year

Focus areas - Masters level

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