Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) Certificate

The graduate Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) Certificate Program is designed for students who are currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Alberta and would like to graduate with skills for participating in or leading community-based research and evaluation initiatives. CBRE is an approach to research and evaluation in which partners from the community, university, and/or government collaborate for mutually beneficial outcomes. Students will develop an understanding of CBRE concepts, program planning and evaluation, and a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed methods, and gain experience with CBRE.

Students will consult with the CBRE Advisor and their graduate supervisor to determine which courses fulfil these requirements:

  • one (*3) graduate-level course in program planning and evaluation
  • one (*3) graduate-level course in quantitative research methods
  • one (*3) graduate-level course in qualitative research methods

Provider - University of Alberta

Format - Face to Face

Cost - Not specified

Duration - Not specified

Focus areas - Data Analysis

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