PhD in Education with emphasis in Quantitative Methods and Evaluation

This program applies quantitative and evaluative methods to the problems of research, assessment, and program evaluation in education. But Quantitative Methods and Evaluation is more than just data and stats. We emphasize the study of measurement and evaluation in addition to applied statistics. Combined with courses in substantive educational issues, students build a context for methodological applications that can inform education policy, practice, and curriculum.

Focus of Study

Our students learn advanced techniques in statistical, measurement, and evaluation methods. At the same time, they develop substantive knowledge in education to apply these methods in the areas of learning theory and policy.

Doctoral candidates develop the capacity to:

- teach courses in measurement, evaluation, assessment, psychometrics, research methods, and data analysis in college/university departments of education;

- direct research, assessment development, and evaluation projects at the national, state, and local levels;

- serve as consultants on research methodology; and

- apply advanced techniques in quantitative methods to the study of educational problems.

Entrance Requirements

We seek applicants with a solid mathematical, statistical, and/or computer data analysis background and an interest in education. We also encourage applicants with an education focus who want to develop their methodological skills for quantitative research and evaluation. Ideally, you have some preparation in quantitative methods, but this is not required. Math and statistics experience for entering QME students ranges from high school to master's level in quantitative disciplines. Their academic backgrounds include math, biology, computer science, statistics, business, economics, psychology, and other social science disciplines. NOTE: Students who enter the PhD program without a master’s degree in an education-related field will need to fulfill the MA requirements along the way to the doctorate.

Type of Program (MA/PhD)

The course of study leads to a PhD in Education with an emphasis in Quantitative Measurement and Evaluation.

Provider - Berkeley University of California

Format - Face to face

Cost - Not specified

Duration - Not specified

Focus areas - Advanced

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