Real-Time Monitoring (RTM)

Bringing learning into projects

How to design managerially relevant Real-Time Monitoring systems for ‘learning process’ development projects and programmes. With managerial relevance comes the enthusiasm to gather, analyse and use information at the field-level while providing quality ongoing formative evaluation for the policy level.
This new four-day advanced practical workshop assumes good prior understanding of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) principles and methods. It focuses on innovative, flexible methods for tracking real-time progress in delivery of outputs and the response of outcomes. It also shows how data can be analysed to interrogate physical progress of outputs for managerial efficiency and the responses at higher outcome levels to test project theory. By the end of this unique workshop you will be able to set up you own systems for ongoing project learning.

Provider - IMA International

Format - Face to Face

Cost - £1350

Duration - 4 days

Focus areas - Real-time monitoring

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