Project Cycle Management

Managing for development results

This updated 10-day course is for development managers with programme and/or project experience who need to know how the stages of projects and programmes can be structured and managed differently, to achieve better results.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory, examples of effective practice and off-site visits you will learn how to:

  • identify the importance of project cycle management (PCM) and the results-based approach in development
  • promote and use key techniques and tools for the identification and design of development interventions, including the Logic Model and Theory of Change
  • develop a business case
  • ensure appropriate implementation management
  • ensure effective monitoring and evaluation
  • support and manage your team members during PCM
  • recognise and strengthen learning, adjusting and decision making for results
  • do a practical case study, reflecting on learning from the course.

Provider - IMA International

Format - Face to face

Cost - £3000

Duration - 10 days

Focus areas - Theory of Change

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