Monitoring and Evaluation for Results

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Results is for managers and monitoring and evaluation officers who need to supervise, manage, plan and implement M&E in their projects and programmes. The course addresses M&E for the entire results chain, including the all-important outcomes.
This 10-day course covers the principles, and embeds the practice of M&E for results. There is also a 5-day option.

Why choose this course

Delivered by our participatory practitioners with extensive field experience, this is the leading M&E course for development professionals. Those responsible for project or programme-level M&E, benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practice, including results approaches. You learn how to achieve maximum value for your organisation and its stakeholders.

Senior managers and M&E specialist responsible for an organisation-wide approach to monitoring and evaluation also attend our Results-Based Management (RBM) training course which covers the principles and tools for developing an organisation-wide RBM system.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and examples of effective practice you will learn how to:

  • decide what and how to monitor with different stakeholders
  • clarify key results at the programme-level using logic models
  • plan a project using the logical framework
  • develop indicators and SMART targets
  • combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to gather and interpret data
  • establish a baseline to assess your project’s impact
  • design and manage evaluation
  • use your M&E findings to stimulate learning, improvement and stakeholder buy-in.

  • The first week of the course gives a complete overview of M&E for projects and programmes with case studies. The second week provides an opportunity to really develop different key elements such as logframes, M&E plans, Theory of Change and evaluation techniques. Where possible we will work with a local organisation to ground principles into practice.

What our participants say

"Excellent, comprehensive and well executed course that provides a good overview of M&E. Friendly atmosphere and good spirit - and everything's so well organised."
Matts Weurlander, Programme Officer, UNAids, Kenya

"IMA organises very good participatory training methods. I will be using this [M&E for Results] training to help set up our M&E system to track results and impact of my organisations work."
Souleymana Mamane, Operations Director, World Vision International, Niger

Provider - IMA International

Format - Face to Face

Cost - £3000

Duration - 10 days

Focus areas - Results based management

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