Outcomes Mapping Training Workshop

The objective of this 3 day course:

  • Clarify ‘complexity’ and ‘systems’ concepts for use in planning, monitoring & evaluation 
  • Introduce and apply the tools of Outcome Mapping
  • Critically assess if and how these concepts and tools could be useful in your work


Participants will learn how they can:

  • Identify and deliver diversified strategies
  • Clarify and measure intended outcomes
  • Locate and measure outcomes that emerge unexpectedly
  • Have an understanding of the importance of integrating monitoring and evaluation from the planning stage
  • Involve stakeholders in all processes
  • Foster organisational learning, and
  • Track and report on the complex processes of social change

Participants will leave the course with a very practical understanding of Outcome Mapping.


To achieve these outcomes full participation is required.  Dynamic adult education methods are used to stimulate learning.

Provider - Southern Hemisphere

Format - Face to face

Cost - R 5 750 (excluding VAT)

Duration - 3 days

Focus areas - Outcomes Mapping

Learn more - Website