Dynamic Facilitation Skills for Participatory Processes

The objective of this course is to provide training in basic facilitation skills.  The aim of the course is to equip people working with a group to facilitate group processes effectively and ensure that a balance is kept between process and outcomes.  This course offers good balance of theory and practice and will provide a space for professionals to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.


Having completed the course the participant will have:

  • Knowledge of how to work with groups
  • Increased confidence to facilitate groups
  • Improved communication skills
  • A range of practical facilitation tools
  • An improved understanding of him-/herself, particularly in the group context and as a group facilitator
  • The ability to deal with conflict and challenging behaviours
  • An understanding of the group process and dynamics
  • An understanding of the process of group decision-making
  • Tools to facilitate group decision-making
  • The ability to design his/her own facilitation processes
  • A variety of appropriate methodologies for achieving desired outcomes

Course Outline

  • Key concepts in facilitation
  • Roles of a facilitator and core facilitation skills
  • Interpersonal communication and conversation styles in facilitation
  • Managing group dynamics and group decision making
  • Facilitation stages
  • Facilitation tools and techniques - and how to use them


Cathy Chames, Dena Lomofsky and Wilma Wessels-Ziervogel

Provider - Southern Hemisphere

Format - Not specified

Cost - Not specified

Duration - 3 days

Focus areas - Introductory

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