M&E Guidelines for Sex Workers, Men who Have Sex with Men, & Transgender Populations- National Level

There is an urgent need to scale up monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of HIV prevention programs serving sex workers (SWs), men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender (TG) populations. Currently, there is limited information on the implementation of services for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection among these populations. A good monitoring and evaluation system can measure the availability of services, guide the implementation of services, and assess their effectiveness.

This course will help learners to apply the Operational Guidelines for Monitoring & Evaluation of HIV Programmes for Sex Workers, Men who have Sex with Men, and Transgender People (Vol II) to strengthen HIV prevention at the national level for these populations.

Provider - MEASURE Evaluation

Format - Online

Cost - Free

Duration - Self paced

Focus areas - Key populations

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