Outcome Mapping: Tools for Dealing with Complexity in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Projects and programmes aimed at supporting change need tools that take into account the multiplicity of intertwined actors and factors creating the complexity within which their interventions need to achieve and report on results.  This workshop addresses the challenges of planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) in projects characterized by a changing environment, fully engaged actors, and a degree of unpredictability in the results.  Outcome Mapping offers a flexible, actor-centered approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation by defining outcomes as changes in the relationships and actions of role and responsibility holders with whom the intervention engages directly.  During the three days of sessions, we will work through the seven steps of 'intentional design'.  Participants discuss and then apply the Outcome Mapping concepts and tools in facilitated, practical exercises, focusing on situations and projects from their own experience.

Provider - Southern Hemisphere

Format - Face to Face

Cost - R6,700

Duration - 3 days

Focus areas - Planning

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