Programme in Monitoring and Evaluation for Health Programs

Brief Description:

This course aims to improve health programme planning and performance by introducing delegates to the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of health programmes, the improvement and institutionalisation of the collection of health-related data and the analysis of programme impact. The main topics covered include the development of monitoring and evaluation programmes for population, health and nutrition interventions (e.g. HIV and AIDS, STDs, TB, maternal health, family planning, child health and reproductive health).

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates are familiar with the monitoring and evaluation of programmes in the health sector. Delegates will gain;

- quantitative and qualitative skills for planning, monitoring and evaluating population and health programmes.

- an increased capacity for monitoring and evaluation among health professionals

Course Content:

- Primary health care

- Systems approach

- Health systems strengthening

- M&E Frameworks

- Indicators of Public Health Care Services

- Data sources and quality on District Health Information Systems

- Analysis, Reporting and Dissemination

- Health Programmes Evaluation

- Data Use

Provider - University of Pretoria

Format - Face to Face

Cost - Not specified

Duration - 15 days

Focus areas - Introductory

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