We have an active team of software developers working to improve the BetterData platform.  We also have a configuration team focused on configuring the platform for specific scenarios.  These configurations are packaged as Apps.  New features and Apps are available free to all partners to use.



    Version 1.8 (Build TBD) - 13th October 2017

    (1) Workflow enhancements:

    • Re-design of workflow, including more powerful filters and clearer user interface
    • Implement profile ledger to create a unique revision number for each object and highlight conflicts more clearly
    • Implement all server based actions as workflow

    (2) Sync refactoring

    • Move to a per client database on couchdb
    • Implement sync to couchdb
    • Remove the sync gateway

    (3) Finalise implementation of UI updates

    • Avoid varying font sizes in forms
    • Ensure width of columns in tables and width of text boxes / combo boxes are variable
    • Improve positioning of help text and required field objects.
    • File upload finalization, including the camera, future biometrics, file upload confirmation
    • Save and submit on the form .(not save and validate) but it should send a message to the workflow to action on

    (4) Finalise notifications

    • Adding report download links to the report notifiacation object

    Version 1.8 (Build TBD) - 27th October 2017

    (1) Deal with improvements to the UI slowness due to indexing

    • Analysis of all current cases of indexing required, and planning the indexing. Also include any code that currently make online calls so that we can bring that into the analysis.
    • Cached search implementation to remove all indexing requirements from the local to the server
    • Implement cached searches in a separate systems bucket to ensure priority replication
    • Implement generic filter capability on any of the fields in the cached search

    (2) Reports:

    • Grouping
    • Integrate with notifications
    • User selectable filters
    • Integrate performance app and ad-hoc reports

    (3) Native Android app:

    • Version 1 of native Android app


    Version 1.8 (Build 3daef63) - August 2017:

    (1) General enhancements

    • Add French to list of languages in languages switcher - Completed

    (2) Workflow enhancements:

    • Order user names alphabetically in workflow assignments - Completed
    • Assign permissions to a role that allows it to over-ride workflow assignments - Completed

    (3) Form enhancements:

    • Define help text in any language - Completed
    • Save form as a draft without validation - Completed
    • One click to save form, validate and send for approval - Completed
    • Flag fields with validation errors with a red border - Completed
    • Improvements to file uploads (option to remove a file and to add multiple files) - Completed

    Version 1.8 (Build 40d90fc) - 15th September 2017

    (1) General enhancements:

    • Improvements to synchronisation process (faster and more stable) - Completed
    • Foundations to allow for encryption of database from client to server side - Completed
    • Improved tree view for performance app - Completed

    (2) Notifications:

    • Re-design of notifications page - Completed
    • Incorporate option to filter and sort notifications - Completed
    • Incorporate priority levels for notifications - Completed
    • Foundations to allow for email and SMS delivery of notifications - Completed