The impact of citizen-generated data initiatives in Argentina

This report is one of a three-part series in which researchers from DataShift’s pilot locations Argentina, East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) and Nepal examine the impact of citizen-generated data initiatives in their own countries.

The report includes an in-depth assessment of each initiative’s long-term or ongoing impact, looking especially at:

  • Use of the data:

Has the data been used by policy-makers, civil society organisations or other actors? If so, how?

  • Data quality:

Are any levels of verification built into the initiative? How sound is the data, particularly if it comes from multiple sources?

  • Sustainability of the initiative:

What is the initiative’s projected lifespan? Is this clearly indicated? Are there plans to maintain the initiative’s online presence after the period of data collection ends?

•Local context:

How is data on the topics that citizen-generated data initiatives address received at the local level? Is it considered trustworthy?