Turning Challenges into Change: How Social Audits are Improving School Feeding in Sissala East

With an estimated market size of US$640,000 annually, the school feeding programme in Ghana’s Sissala East District represents a reliable market for local smallholder farmers. However, SNV’s baseline study revealed that traders, caterers and farmer organisations in the district lacked information about the food procurement and proposal process, district coordination meetings and crop requirements. To support greater smallholder farmer inclusion in this market, and to increase community awareness and commitment to the local school feeding program, SNV introduced a social audit pilot through the Procurement Governance for Home Grown School Feeding project. This case study reviews two social audits that SNV conducted in the Sissala East between February 2013 and March 2014. The case examines the successes and challenges of the audits and describes how they can be applied as tools to promote community empowerment and stakeholder accountability.