The CDF Social Audit Guide: A Handbook for Communities

This handbook is intended to be used for the training of groups as well as individuals with an interest in monitoring CDF expenditure in their community. The handbook is designed to assist communities understand the way CDF works, and how they can participate effectively in the various stages of the CDF project cycle. It also discusses how members of the public can effectively monitor CDF expenditure through a social audit. If using this handbook for training purposes, trainers are encouraged to obtain a sample of the key CDF documents relevant to that constituency, as detailed later within the text.
Each chapter is accompanied by a few discussion questions to evaluate as well as reinforce the information gained on each topic, and to prompt further thinking and dialogue by users of the handbook. This handbook is divided into key sections:


  • Section 1 of the handbook gives a detailed introduction to the CDF, including a brief outline of the concept of the Social Audit, including the objectives of a Social Audit and what a Social Audit aims to achieve. This section also discusses how CDF money is allocated and takes a detailed look at the key institutions involved in CDF administration and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Section 2 deals with the CDF process and goes into detail about how the CDF works from inception up to the completion of a project. It looks at the key stages of the CDF project cycle and explains key documents and institutions involved at every stage.
  • Section 3 discusses the aspect of monitoring and evaluation, and specifically the social audit in detail, including the stages involved. It also introduces some practical CDF social audit tools.
  • Section 4 deals with the numerous advocacy issues raised in CDF implementation and gives recommendations. It also briefly examines some principles of best practice in CDF management. It introduces a CDF accountability charter, a tool that is gaining increased popularity amongst CSOs engaged in monitoring local development funds in the country.
  • Section 5 contains various annexes, including the CDF Act 2003, the CDF (Amendment) Act 2007, the CDF Implementation Guidelines from 2006/7, etc