Community Scorecard Process - A Short Note on the General Methodology for Implementation

This note provides an introduction to the community score card process describing it as a community based monitoring tool that is a hybrid of the techniques of social audit, community monitoring and citizen report cards.

It breaks the process into the following four components:

(i) the input tracking scorecard,

(ii) the community generated performance scorecard

(iii) the self-evaluation scorecard by service providers, and last but certainly not least,

(iv) the interface meeting between users and providers to provide respective feedback and generate a mutually agreed reform agenda

The note then divides the CSC implementation process into the following six key stages:

  • Preparatory groundwork
  • Developing the input tracking scorecard
  • Generation of the community performance
  • Generation of the self-evaluation score card by facility or project staff
  • The interface meeting between community and providers
  • The follow-up process of the institutionalisation

These stages are described in detail with guidance.