Citizen Voice and Action: Guidance Notes

Citizen Voice and Action is an approach that aims to increase dialogue between ordinary citizens and organisations that provide services to the public. It also aims to improve accountability from the administrative and political sections of government (both national and local) in order to improve the delivery of public services. 

The approach aims to empower communities to influence the quality, efficiency and accountability of public services. Educated, empowered and mobilised citizens are encouraged to assess the performance of public services which are provided in their communities. They are encouraged to compare actual services with the standards of service that their government has committed themselves to providing. Citizens, together with those providing services (service providers), government and local partners identify action to take to improve public services. 

This approach is based on the view that individuals and ‘the community’ are citizens of nation states. Each citizen has the right to communicate with, and have a relationship with, their government. Active citizenship and engagement with government, helps governments to work effectively and to provide quality services. 

The aim of Citizen Voice and Action is to strengthen this relationship between citizens and government, by educating and empowering communities to talk and work with government service providers and government officials about the performance of basic services.