Create powerful reports that aggregate or filter data from any app

The reports app gives you an integrated data warehouse that can combine data across apps or even across different communities working together.


Single data warehouse and analysis tool for all your apps

Access a single data dictionary across all your Apps. Use this to create reports that compare data across your work.

Creating new reports

Power users can create a new report in minutes.  Start with one of the standard views that extract data from each form in each of your apps.  Or create your own custom views that pre-filter data or apply calculations.  Each report can join data from different views - even across apps - to show exactly the data you need.

Choose how to map your data to columns and which labels to use for each field.  Reports may include totals for numeric fields that sum, average or count the data in a column.

Once your report is ready, publish it to share with other users.  Reports may be visible to all users are restricted to specific people.

Watch our video to learn how it works.

Use your own custom templates

Add your own logo and branding to reports by creating a custom template.  This allows you to control the colour-scheme, font, logo and layout used in your reports.  Once created these can be uploaded and associated with reports to replace the default template.

Export raw data as JSON to use in other applications

Each report that you create also generates a JSON data feed.  This is a real-time data feed that updates as your data changes.  Use this to push data from your apps into another application for visualisation or to integrate with other systems.

The Kwantu platform also includes a comprehensive RESTful API which offers another way to integrate with other systems.