Project tracking app

This app tracks projects from the nomination process from district upwards.  As the project progresses you can record and track key information related to the project business plan, project implementation plan, and report performance against it.  The app also enables you to upload documents and images related to the project.


Record the RFP and track nominated projects through the approval process

Record a photo or scan of the request for proposals as evidence.  Then log each project that is nominated in the app.  As nominated projects are considered by district, provincial and national review committees, record the recommendations and attach minutes from the meeting for full transparency.  Approved projects continue, rejected projects are archived with a full record of the decision-making process.

Load the business plan and project implementation plan

Once the project has been approved you can assign users responsibility for both data entry and approval of data entered.  This de-centralises the data entry process, while retaining control over approval of data.  Approvers receive system and email notifications.  Start by loading the business plan and project implementation plan.  This capture data on key areas like the project budget, deliverables and timeline.  They also allow for key documents with more detail to be attached for knowledge management purposes.  Where the project provides work opportunities, you can link directly to the client register.

Track monthly progress against the implementation plan

Once the business plan and implementation plan have been approved, workflow directs the data entry person to report monthly on progress against the deliverables, expenditure against the budget and work days provided.  Data is aggregated to generate a report that gives an overview of all projects, highlighting which are falling behind schedule.  A separate workflow records when the project is completed and captures information on sustainability and other recommendations.