Performance App

This App is designed to manage a shared logical framework, results framework or other type of performance framework.  The app helps devolve responsibility for data entry and approval across your team while making it easy to aggregate data into a PDF or XLS report.


  • Decentralise data entry, while maintaining central control
  • Share indicators across multiple log frames or other performance plans
  • Disaggregate any indicator by to the two criteria (eg by gender and location)
  • Create custom reports that aggregate and present data in different ways

How does it work?

Managing indicators

You can create and manage a list of indicators which are shared across your organisation or programme.  Indicators can then be linked to one or more performance plan.  Indicator definitions may include:

  • Targets
  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual periodicity
  • Multiple questions per indicator
  • Validate responses as numbers or text
  • File attachments
  • Disaggregations

Creating performance plan profiles

App administrators can create profiles to track performance for different projects, programmes or years.  As you create a new profile, you can:

  • Set a start and end date for the time frame to be mounted
  • Specify how frequently people are required to report data
  • Set up a navigation structure for your log frame or other performance plan (this can be one, two or three levels deep)
  • Link one or more indicators from your library to any area of the navigation
  • Select which people are responsible for entering data for each indicator and which people are responsible for reviewing and approving the data entered

Managing data entry and review

Once you have created your performance plan and assigned responsibilities to your colleagues, you are ready to start the process of entering and reviewing data.  Having defined the reporting periods for the plan (monthly, quarterly or annually), the administrator can control which period is open.  This ensures that people may only enter data for the current reporting period.  Once a period is closed the data for that period is locked and may only be changed by an administrator.

When a reporting period is open, people assigned responsibility for an indicator may open the form for that indicator and enter the response for that period (this could be a number or text, accompanied by an attachment).

Once the person has entered data the App sends a notification to the person assigned to review the data.  They may approve the data - in which case the data for this period for this indicator is complete - or refer it back to the first person if there is a problem.

Data audit

The app provides a separate data audit function.  This allows an administrator to review data that has already been entered and approved after a reporting period has been closed.  While the data entered is still locked, they may enter an adjusted value, along with a reason for the adjustment.  This provides a way to correct mistakes while still maintaining a clear audit trail.


The App integrates with the Reports App.  This includes powerful tools to create multiple report templates.  Each template can select:

  • To show data for specific quarters, the cumulative progress or the totals for each year
  • Hide or show disaggregated data
  • Hide or show target data

Reports can be downloaded as PDF or XLS files, accessing the latest approved data at any time