Supplier management and invoice tracking

This App is designed to create and manage a list of suppliers.  Users may set up new contracts for suppliers or provide feedback on existing contracts.  Users can also request authorisation for payment to a supplier, which can be reconciled against a project budget.

How does it work?

Registering a new supplier

Any user with the Supplier Manager role can add or update a supplier profile.  Once registered they can then assign roles to other users.  These can be customised, but typically enable project teams to set up new contracts, provide feedback and request approval for supplier payments.  A separate role for finance allows them to review and approve payment requests.

Supplier contracts

The App includes a form to register one or more contracts for each supplier.  These allow you to upload the actual signed contract (or link to it) and enter the agreed payment schedule and milestones.

Supplier feedback

Once a contract has been completed, the team can complete a brief feedback form.  This helps track supplier performance and can be incorporated back into procurement procedures.

Supplier payments

Project staff can request pre-approval for a supplier payment.  This can be integrated with the Projects App to link the payment request to the project budget and budget line.  Payment requests go to finance for review, where they can be approved or referred back.  Once approved the budget is updated to show that the funds have been committed to this payment.

Once the supplier has delivered the project staff may then request that a payment be made to the supplier.  This alerts finance, who may then update the payment to reflect that it has been made.  At this time the budget is again updated to show that the funds have now been spent.


The App integrates with the Reports App.  Data related to suppliers, contracts, feedback or payments may be aggregated and exported to XLS or PDF.  Common reports include:

  • Budget reconciliation report - this shows a log of all transactions, along with budget codes to help reconcile against your accounting system
  • Project budget report - a summary of your project budget and funds available
  • Consolidated supplier feedback - A consolidated list of feedback across all suppliers