Participant App

This App helps register and manage a list of people involved in a project or programme.  The App checks for duplicates as people are added to the list.  People registered on the App can be linked to the Project Tracking App.

How does it work?

The Participant App is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via your browser.  The App works in the following way.

Registering a new person

The participant manager role can register a profile for a new person.  The App can run a duplicate check using an ID number or other identifiers.  This avoids duplicate profiles.

Following is a screenshot of the form to add a new participant.  This can be customised to fit your needs.

Updating a person

The same role may also update people registered on the App. 


The App can be extended to collect data related to the person.  This could be a form recording interactions with the person, a survey or additional demographic data.


Data from the Participants App is available in the Reports App.  You can combine data on the person with data from other Apps to which they are linked.