Training App

Manage different types of training courses and track enrollment and results


Manage courses

Manage a list of donors, training providers, courses and unit standards. Link these to your trainings to avoid re-entering data.


Student registry

Maintain a unique registry of all students.  Record their educational history and link them to courses that they take and the results they attain.


Track who takes which course

Register new trainings, track which students are enrolled and the results they attained

App versions

We currently have one version of the Outcome Harvesting App available that has been co-created with Intselelo.  Other versions are being configured with different organisations that extend the functionality to track attendance and give more flexibility around defining unit standards that make up courses.

How does it work?

The Training App and Students App can be adopted into your BetterData community.  BetterData is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via the Google Chrome browser.  The Student App works in the following way:

  • Register students - Click on the App to see which students have already been registered.  Each student is checked before they are added to avoid duplicates.
  • Record student educational details - Once registered you can also enter the student's educational history

The training App works in the following way:

  • Administrators can pre-enter information on the following areas:
    • Unit standards - This is a competency certified by a qualification authority.  You may enter any number of unit standards and define each one
    • Course - This is a collection of unit standards.
    • Training institute - These are partner organisations that you work with to deliver training.  They may also access to app to record trainings that they deliver
    • Funder - An organisation funding trainings.  This allows you to track who funded which training
    • Qualification authority - The authority that certifies the training, usually an academic institution
  • Creating profiles for each training - People with the Admin role can register new trainings that will take place.  Each training references one of the courses already entered, the funder(s) and the training institute.  This avoids re-entering this information each time you add a new training
  • Record enrollment and results - Once the training has taken place you can record which students enrolled (linking to their entries in the students app) and what results they attained.
  • Translations - The App is available in English, but can be translated to other languages
  • Data aggregation - Use the Reports App to create your own reports.  Reports can combine data from trainings, students, courses, unit standards and so on into one report.  See the Reports App for a full description of the options available.
  • Work offline - All BetterData Apps will continue to work should your Internet fail.  Any trainings you save while offline will synchronise to the server when your connection is back again.

Who is using it?

We have worked with Intselelo to co-create the App.  We have worked on a variation of this App with the National Tooling Initiative Programme in South Africa. 

Ready to get started?

Would you like a guided demo of the Students and Training Apps?  Get in touch and we'll schedule a Skype or Zoom call to take you through it.  We also offer consultancy to customise the App if you need to change things.


We have several options to fit different circumstances.  All include unlimited users and a fair usage policy on the number of students and trainings that you store.

Just the basics

The basic package is designed to get you started within a few days at an affordable price.  This includes:

  • Creating your own BetterData community (this can be used to adopt other Apps too)
  • Adding your logo
  • Adopting the Student and Training Apps
  • Creating two reports for you (you select which fields to include in each report and what filters apply)

Price - £1000 for set-up plus £1500 a year (includes hosting and backups)


Advanced on boarding allows you to customise the App however you like.  This includes integrating it with other Apps (for example project tracking).  Examples of things covered in advanced on-boarding include:

  • Modifying the training forms
  • Modifying the workflow
  • Translating the App into additional languages

A customisation project may take only a few days, depending on what you want to change.

Price - £450 per day

All in one

If you're working on a large programme and need peace of mind, we can also offer a fixed cost package that covers everything you need.  This includes:

  • Hosting and daily backups

  • Unlimited support (for practical reasons we need to communicate with one or two people)

  • Maintenance (updates to ensure compatibility as we make enhancements to the BetterData platform)
  • Free upgrades as they become available
  • 4 days of training or consultancy a year

Price - £4500 a year

Additional support and training available at £75 per hour.

Supplier management and invoice tracking

This App is designed to create and manage a list of suppliers.  Users may set up new contracts for suppliers or provide feedback on existing contracts.  Users can also request authorisation for payment to a supplier, which can be reconciled against a project budget.

How does it work?

Registering a new supplier

Any user with the Supplier Manager role can add or update a supplier profile.  Once registered they can then assign roles to other users.  These can be customised, but typically enable project teams to set up new contracts, provide feedback and request approval for supplier payments.  A separate role for finance allows them to review and approve payment requests.

Supplier contracts

The App includes a form to register one or more contracts for each supplier.  These allow you to upload the actual signed contract (or link to it) and enter the agreed payment schedule and milestones.

Supplier feedback

Once a contract has been completed, the team can complete a brief feedback form.  This helps track supplier performance and can be incorporated back into procurement procedures.

Supplier payments

Project staff can request pre-approval for a supplier payment.  This can be integrated with the Projects App to link the payment request to the project budget and budget line.  Payment requests go to finance for review, where they can be approved or referred back.  Once approved the budget is updated to show that the funds have been committed to this payment.

Once the supplier has delivered the project staff may then request that a payment be made to the supplier.  This alerts finance, who may then update the payment to reflect that it has been made.  At this time the budget is again updated to show that the funds have now been spent.


The App integrates with the Reports App.  Data related to suppliers, contracts, feedback or payments may be aggregated and exported to XLS or PDF.  Common reports include:

  • Budget reconciliation report - this shows a log of all transactions, along with budget codes to help reconcile against your accounting system
  • Project budget report - a summary of your project budget and funds available
  • Consolidated supplier feedback - A consolidated list of feedback across all suppliers

Participant App

This App helps register and manage a list of people involved in a project or programme.  The App checks for duplicates as people are added to the list.  People registered on the App can be linked to the Project Tracking App.

How does it work?

The Participant App is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via your browser.  The App works in the following way.

Registering a new person

The participant manager role can register a profile for a new person.  The App can run a duplicate check using an ID number or other identifiers.  This avoids duplicate profiles.

Following is a screenshot of the form to add a new participant.  This can be customised to fit your needs.

Updating a person

The same role may also update people registered on the App. 


The App can be extended to collect data related to the person.  This could be a form recording interactions with the person, a survey or additional demographic data.


Data from the Participants App is available in the Reports App.  You can combine data on the person with data from other Apps to which they are linked.