BetterData pricing is based on the following criteria:

1. Platform use fee

Prices start at £1000 per year.  This price includes unlimited storage space, unlimited user accounts and hosting.

2. Consultancy

Our analysts can work with you face to face or remotely to understand your context and document what you need. This could involve:

  • Helping develop a new monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Assessing which methodologies would work best in your context
  • Documenting your existing operational processes for data collection, validation, learning and analysis
  • Im plementing a new Process App to help monitor, manage and evaluate your process

£400 per day plus expenses

3. Configuration

Once we understand your needs, our configuration team can get everything set-up. This could involve:

  • Re-creating your organisations performance plan, logical framework or results framework
  • Setting up any indicators you need to monitor your work
  • Creating pages that aggregate information by theme or place
  • Importing historical data so it is available for analysis
  • Configuring simple reports for management, learning and M&E purposes

£200 per day

4. Process support or change management

If you need help implementing a new programme process then we can assist. Our specialists can assist you with:

  • Reviewing similar programme processes to identify example of good practice
  • Identifying a series of stages to guide the implementation process
  • Documenting the data requirements from your monitoring and evaluation team
  • Mapping data requirements to a set of simple forms that can be completed at the appropriate stage
  • Mapping the forms to standardised workflows required for data collection
  • Developing advanced reports for management, learning and M&E purposes
  • Making the programme process available as an app for your use

£400 per day

Discounts available for smaller and grass-roots organisations.