Service delivery and budget implementation plan app

The SDBIP app is designed to make reporting against SDBIP’s faster, easier and more accurate.  It enables you to manage a shared library of indicators, which are linked to specific annual performance plans.  Different users may be assigned responsibility to report against different indicators, while you keep track of the overall progress.


Load the SDBIP

Start by creating a new plan.  This creates a reporting calendar that links all SDBIP data to a specific month or quarter.  The app creates a hierarchical structure that includes programmes, sub-programmes and indicators as per your performance plan.

Link each programme, sub-programme or indicator to one or more indicators from your indicator library.  You can then assign responsibility to different users to both enter data and verify data.  Indicators may also be disaggregated.

Enter targets and capture progress against indicators

Once your performance plan is set-up you are ready to start entering the targets for your indicators.  Workflow ensures that only the person (or people) responsible for each indicator can enter these.  The person responsible for verifying data must then approve them.  The same applies to entering data reporting on progress.  Progress data is linked to your reporting calendar, ensuring that it is always clear which period is being reported on.  The administrator may close a reporting period once it is completed, which locks all data entered, preventing changes, and opens the next period.

Export a consolidated report

The app enables you to set up a number of different reports suited to different needs.  You can have one summary report to track progress entering data for each reporting period.  Another report can show all targets and progress data, including disaggregations.  Another could show only cumulative progress to date.

When you request a report you receive a notification alerting you that it is ready to download.  Reports are available as XLS or PDF files.

Manage a shared library of indicators

Use the app to define all your indicators.  As you create new performance plans you can link to the same list of indicators, which builds up a picture of change over time.

Indicators may be defined as having text, numeric or percentage responses.  You can also include file uploads or photos as evidence.


The following screenshots illustrate the features above.