Collect outcomes across a large programme, validate them and aggregate into custom reports

Outcome harvesting is a monitoring and evaluation tool that is "useful in complex situations when it is not possible to define concretely most of what an intervention aims to achieve, or even, what specific actions will be taken over a multi-year period." See the Better Evaluation guide to learn more.


Collect outcomes across a large programme

Create separate profiles for each of your partners, projects or teams. Assign access to record and verify outcomes to different people for each profile


Co-develop outcomes with partners

Work collaboratively with partners to co-develop outcomes. Share comments and suggestions as you pass outcomes back and forth


Simplify data analysis

Create one or more reports that extract specific data from your outcomes. Export data to Excel or PDF instantly. Or create a JSON feed to import to another data analysis or visualisation tool.

Watch our webinar

The app works on Google Chrome or a native Android app. It is designed to continue working without an Internet connection. Watch our webinar to see how it works.

How does it work?

The app can be adopted into your Kwantu community along with any other apps you need.  The Kwantu platform is web based and runs on smart phones and computers via the Google Chrome browser. Watch our webinar to see how the app works.

Who is using it?

We have worked with Saferworld, Christian Aid, Church of Sweden, WWF and SNV to co-create the App.  Saferworld has used an earlier version for several years.  Christian Aid began using the App in 2017.

Ready to get started?

Would you like a guided demo of the OH App?  Get in touch and we'll schedule a Skype or Zoom call to take you through it.  We also offer consultancy to customise the App if you need to change things.

Key features

Some of the key features are:

  • Decentralise management with granular roles - Programme managers can assign roles to project teams that enable different people to add and validate outcomes.

  • Audit trail - See who added an outcome, who reviewed it and at what point it was finalised

  • Translations - The app is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other translations can be added

  • Data aggregation - Use the Reports App to create your own reports. Reports can combine data from any field in the partner and outcome forms. See the Reports App for a full description of the options available.

  • Work offline - All Kwantu Apps will continue to work should your Internet fail. Any outcomes you save while offline will synchronise to the server when your connection is back again.


We have several options to fit different circumstances.  All include unlimited users and a fair usage policy on the number of outcomes you store.