Implementing an MIS to manage a programme covering 185 sites and 170,000 participants

Overview - The Community Works Programme (CWP) is part of the EPWP.  It aims to provide access to a minimum level of regular work (two days per week) for 1 million people living in poverty.  As the programme grew rapidly the systems used to manage those working on the programme and make payments to them were rapidly becoming un-manageable.

Kwantu was contracted with an urgent brief.  Adapt and configure the existing EPWP system to meet the needs of the CWP - in two weeks.  The system was put in place on time and has since helped the programme scale from 35,000 to 170,000 people.  We then migrated records from the previous system, ensuring everything is accessible.  The CWP now has systems in place to support targets to reach 1 million people over the next few years.

With more effective programme management systems in place, Kwantu was then contracted to improve data management at the site level.  We introduced automatically generated attendance sheets linked to specific work-groups.  Emailed automatically to site managers these significantly improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

A follow-up phase now underway will introduce biometric systems to help combat fraud and further automate data capture.  A related area of work will incorporate mobile payments.  This will speed up payments to those working on the CWP, automate remittance advice and help avoid payment failures.

Results - The number of people employed by CWP increased from 35,000 to 170,000 and continues to grow fast.  The programme now includes over 185 work sites.  Scaling to this level this fast would not be possible with the prior system.  Reporting is also much faster and more powerful.  Programme managers can now automatically generate all reports needed.  Finally by incorporating better data validation techniques the programme also benefits from improved accuracy of data.