Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some common questions people ask us.  If you're question isn't answered here than please get in touch.

How do we know that you can deliver our project?

It's true that a lot of ICT projects don't work out well (or at all).  However, Kwantu is a bit different from other suppliers.  We are focused on only one specific area - using ICT for monitoring and evaluation.  Our key staff have been doing this for 20 years and are still going.  We've been working with some of our partners continuously for 15 years.

Take a look at our case studies for details of some similar projects.  We can put you in touch directly with our partners if you want to get a reference.

Do you have the capacity to handle new clients?

We know how frustrating it can be when suppliers over promise and under deliver.  Since we focus on only one area - using ICT for monitoring and evaluation - we have been able to invest in a configurable platform.  This makes it faster and easier for us to implement new projects.  While each project is different, we can typically deliver a fully usable demo version (based on your requirements) in six weeks or less.

How do you ensure that the project will stay on track?

Once we agree a project with you we'll set out the full process that we follow.  This will include target dates for key milestones.  It will also highlight areas and times where we'll need your inputs and feedback.

Your Project Manager will be in regular contact to review this schedule with you and provide updates on progress.  Since our configuration tools enable us to work quickly, you can see progress soon and give feedback early on.  This helps avoid 'white elephant' software projects as it makes it easy for you to get feedback from colleagues early on.

Who isn’t this for?

BetterData isn't for everyone.  If you work on a very small scale (say less than five locations) then you will probably get a greater return on investment from using off the shelf tools like Excel or Google Spreadsheets.  The larger the scale at which you're working, the better value BetterData can give you.

What about qualitative data?

We love working with qualitative data.  We can show you examples of forms that incorporate photos or narrative responses.  We're working on enhancing mobile forms to include video and sound too.

What's the starting budget for a BetterData project?

The smallest projects we currently take on start at around £5000.  This anticipates the need to create custom data collection forms for you.  If you want to use one of our off-the-shelf apps then we can work on much smaller budgets.