BetterData can be configured to cover almost any aspect of your planning, data collection, analysis, knowledge sharing, collaboration or reporting needs.



Advanced planning tools to help you collect all the data you need from the start.

Performance plan tree

  • The performance plan tree component lets you re-create your strategic plan, logical framework or results framework on BetterData. 
  • Add as many levels as you need for sub-programmes, teams or special projects.
  • Add separate areas for donor specific reporting - or incorporate it with your own plan.

Indicator library

  • Start with our library of development indicators, then add your own.
  • Re-use the same indicators across multiple plans.
  • Track indicator versions as you make changes.
  • Choose if you want to include baselines, benchmarks and targets
  • Define reporting frequency for each indicator
  • Create one or more dashboards to visualise the data for each indicator.


  • Create hierarchical nodes on your tree to represent programmes, teams or other objectives in your plan.
  • Link indicators to nodes to ensure that they are used to monitor progress on that objective.
  • Create node templates that apply the same indicators to many leaves at the same time.


  • Choose how you want to disaggregate your data collection.
  • Create your own dimensions to ensure data for any indicator is broken down by gender, age-range, district or any other criteria that you need to use.
  • Apply dimensions on a node by node basis.
  • Disaggregate data for one indicator by multiple dimensions

Reporting periods

  • In some cases you may want to collect data monthly, in other cases quarterly or even annually.
  • Set your own reporting period for each indicator.


  • Select from your organisational organogram which person is responsible for collecting data and who should then review it and authorise it.
  • Assign responsibility to a specific person or to a team.
  • Team members receive notifications when data is due.
  • Administrators can see who has reported and who is still to report.


  • While the plan is all about your work, you also need to deliver for donors and other stakeholders. 
  • Create perspectives that let you see which leaves and indicators are relevant to which donor.
  • You can also use perspectives to view cross-cutting issues.

Multiple plans

  • Start creating your plan for next year while you are still collecting data for this year.
  • Set workflow that determines who can begin setting up the new plan and who must approve it before it is rolled out. 
  • Archive old plans to prevent any further changes


A social intranet to connect people to knowledge and data.


  • Each person using BetterData has their own personal profile. This shows contact information and interests. People can also save useful content to their profile for easier access.


  • Notifications prompt staff on actions that they need to take. These relate to data they are responsible for collecting or decisions that they have been asked to make in a workflow.

Activity feed 

  • Each user profile and group has it’s own activity feed. It provides a record of all content or data added, edited or deleted. It also provides a space for comments and discussion around content or data.


  • Create contacts for people or organisations that you work with. Use relationships to indicate connections between contacts. 
  • Record comments on your meetings and emails with contacts to create an institutional memory.


  • Create public or private groups to provide spaces for collaboration. The owner of each group sets the agenda and determines who can join.
  • Save documents, videos and other content inside a group.
  • Share with others when you are ready too.


  • Contribute to group discussions by email.
  • Receive an email whenever a new comment is made in the group.
  • Reply to the email to post your own comment.


Create a custom app in BetterData that matches your process.

Create your own App

  • Create a collection of forms related to a specific programme or back-office process
  • Link the forms together with a workflow that directs who can do what at each stage
  • Configure reports to extract data for analysis and management
  • Link to performance plan indicators for reporting
  • Package it all in an App that you can share with your partners for joined up activity level reporting

Aggregate data from Apps

  • Aggregate data across BetterData instances from the same App to simplify reporting


Save time by making data collection faster and easier for everyone.


  • BetterData notifies each person at the start of a reporting period if they are assigned responsibility to collect data.
  • They can request notifications by email or SMS.

Qualitative and quantitative data

  • Collect both qualitative and quantitative data in a structured way that makes reporting and analysis simple. 
  • Include stories, videos, photos and documents, either as indicators or evidence to substantiate a claim.


  • Enter data as you are able to, returning later to add more. When you are done submit the data for review. 
  • Workflow ensures that the person responsible for reviewing it gets a notification. They can either refer it back with a comment or approve it. Once approved data is shown on dashboards and reports.


  • Real-time dashboards help you see at a glance areas where data is late or missing. Drill down to see the situation for specific indicators on a leaf.


Share and curate the knowledge you need to do your work.

Share knowledge

  • Share publications, videos, photos, stories and events across your organisation.

Curate knowledge

  • Curate your knowledge by adding tags to cross-reference and summaries to describe the content.

Organise knowledge

  • Use smart collections to organise lists of videos, photos or other content.
  • Filter by tag to only show content by theme or place.

Create relationships

  • Link photos to indicator data to provide evidence. Or link contacts for partners to the stories of their work.


  • Use comments to have a discussion around each video, story or other content.


Use the data you collect for internal learning and analysis.

Real-time dashboards

  • Create dashboards for each indicator to display data visually. Choose from line charts, bar charts, pie charts, maps and motion charts.


  • Create closed taxonomies of tags to cross reference data by theme, place or other criteria.
  • Create your own lists of data organised by tag to help identify trends or cross-cutting issues.

Topic pages

  • Create topics pages that bring together your data and knowledge by theme or place.


  • Export lists of data you have created to Excel or Word for further analysis.


Export all the data you need for your report at a click of a button.

Pre-defined donor reports 

  • Create reports based on donor perspectives in your plan. Export reports in XLS, PDF or DOC formats.

Custom reports

  • Create your own custom reports.
  • Select any field from any form and map it to a column heading
  • Apply filters from your taxonomies or group fields by district or other criteria


Extend and integrate BetterData with other platforms and systems.


  • Access a growing library of Apps that integrate with other platforms.


  • We provide a comprehensive REST API that enables you to integrate with your own applications.