BetterData is a configurable and modular system.  This enables you to choose what you need and configure it to meet your requirements.  No software developers needed.

The starting point is your community.  Each community has a unique URL, one or more administrators and a set of users that are members of the community.  While user accounts can access more than one community, membership of the community is managed at the community level.

Each community can have one or more applications.  Applications are designed to help manage and monitor your programmes at the operational level.  Choose from our library of existing applications or configure your own to match your own requirements.  While applications collect data at the operational (or activity level) it is easy to aggregate this to measure specific indicators.

Communities and applications are made up of components.  Components provide the functionality needed to build an application or community.  See below for a list of components.  Click on the name for more information and screenshots.