Farms or land app

This app maintains a unique register of farms or land.  The location of the farm or land is geo-coded to support use in geographical information systems.  The app has built in surveys to track crops and livestock produced on the farm.


Maintain a unique register of farms or land

As you add new farms or land the app uses the legal entity registration number to check for possible duplicates.  The farm can be categorised using terms of your choosing.  The full address and contact details are recorded.

Capture GPS coordinates for localities

Once the farm has been registered field teams can associate it with different localities that correspond to the land associated with the farm.  Each locality has the option to capture GPS coordinates (using a tablet or smart phone with GPS) or enter them manually.  These are used to generate GPS data associated with the farm or land.

Link farms to projects that are assisting them

As with clients and institutions, farms may be linked either to projects or to clients.  These creates relationships between the different apps and enables you to track which projects have assisted a farm and which clients are working on a farm.