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Workshop: Gentle Introduction to Quantitative Public Engagement Evaluation Using Questionnaires and Observation

This workshop presents the state of the art in collecting quantitative evaluation data, and recognizing what is most appropriate for public engagement evaluation analysis. This small-scale event will include presentations on how to design good questionnaires and observation-based evaluations. It is aimed at those who feel uncertain about how to set up a quantitative evaluation for studying public engagement, or who are looking to explore their options.

We provide practical perspectives from both a practitioner perspective within an informal learning organization and the perspective of an external evaluator and expert in survey methodology.

This practical workshop offers the following:

  1. An introduction to questionnaire design. This includes how to evaluate existing survey questions and develop new ones for quantitative evaluations.

  2. An introduction to different question types you can use, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

  3. How to collect and quantify open-ended evaluation data such as annotated drawings.

  4. An introduction to visitor tracking, timing and other types of observation-based evaluation and how to set up the tracking and timing evaluation that connects with questionnaire feedback.

Provider - Methods for change

Format - Face to Face

Cost - For profit business £145, For profit early bird £115, Non profit & unaffiliated individuals £85, Non profit early bird £75, Conc- student/unemployed £45

Duration - 1 day