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Workshop: The Role of Data and Evaluation in the Cultural and Third Sector

The cultural and third sectors are often accused of having a lack of robust data and evaluation to evidence their impact and to study public engagement. This workshop explores what types of data these sectors have, the quality of existing evaluation data and what kinds of evaluation data they still need to develop. The workshop questions the current ways of thinking about evaluation and evidence in these sectors, identifying new evaluation options and strategies which are appropriate in analysing public engagement of the cultural and third sectors.

The workshop helps to address significant questions for the cultural and third sectors. These include: 

  1. What is the role of evaluation today?

  2. How is evaluation addressed within policy and practice?

  3. How can evaluation be improved to better inform practice and policy of public engagement?

The workshop will explore what needs to be done to generate the evidence needed for practitioners, policymakers and wider stakeholders. The event also reviews current thinking and practices to enable cultural and third sector practitioners to gain a better understanding of expectations and trends in museum, cultural and third sector policy.

Provider - Methods for Change

Format - Face to Face

Cost - For Profit Business £125, For Profit Early Bird £95, Non-Profit & Unaffiliated Individuals £75, Non-Profit Early Bird £65, Conc-Student/unemployed £35

Duration - 1 day