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5th Biennial International Conference of Sri Lanka Evaluation Association

The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) is a voluntary civil society organisation established in 1999, by an interested group of professionals from the government, private sector and non-governmental organisations. The objective of the establishment of SLEvA was to promote an evaluation culture as an integral element in the development process of Sri Lanka.  One of the flagship events conducted by SLEvA is the Biennial international conference in Sri Lanka which attracts both local and foreign presentations and participation. 

This year’s Conference theme is Responsive Evaluation. In this 5th Biennial Conference we are seeking to understand the methods that have improved the responsiveness of evaluation, especially in developing country environments. Such responsiveness of evaluation can come from designing the evaluation to the requirements of the relevant stakeholders and/ or programme/ project requirement to increase utilization of evaluation.

Provider - Sri Lanka Evaluation Association

Format - Face to Face

Cost - See website for details

Duration - 4 days

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