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Exemplary Evaluations in A Multicultural World: Learning from Evaluation's Successes Across the Globe

  • American Evaluation Association Hyatt Regency Chicago Illinois (map)

More than 30 Voluntary Organizations of Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), including the American Evaluation Association (AEA), EvalPartners, UN Agencies, and donor agencies have declared 2015 the International Year of Evaluation.

We wholeheartedly invite evaluators, evaluation scholars, students, evaluation sponsors, and evaluation users from all around the world to assemble November 9-14, 2015 in Chicago at the annual AEA conference to share and learn from successes of the international discipline and practice of evaluation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about exemplary evaluations, enabling evaluation environments, evaluation policies, evaluation theories and methods, and research on evaluation from a range of cultures and regions throughout the world. In 2015, we encourage participants to reflect on our practice, and to present examples of success and challenges to contribute to the goal of highlighting exemplary evaluations conducted in countries at all points along the development continuum. And, we look to explore what facilitates exemplary evaluations—what are the enabling factors, actions, and drivers of success?

The Exemplary Evaluations theme is intended to inspire and energize evaluation professionals from around the world to spotlight what has gone well in evaluation. As we listen to each other’s exceptional experiences, we listen for themes of success—how were these evaluation exemplars managed? How did evaluators engage with stakeholders? How were evaluation conclusions developed, what lent them credibility, and what led to evaluation use? There is much to learn from examples of high quality, ethically defensible, culturally responsive evaluation practices that have clearly contributed to decision-making processes, program improvement, policy formulation, effective and humane organizations, and ideally to the enhancement of the public good. 

Provider - American Evaluation Assocation

Format - Face to Face

Cost - See website for details

Duration - 6 days

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