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Global Evaluation Week

EvalPartners, the global movement to strengthen national evaluation capacities for equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation systems, in partnership with Parliamentarian Forum for Development Evaluation, Community of Evaluators South Asia, IOCE and UN Women, is pleased to announce the Global Evaluation Week to commemorate the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) and to launch the 2016-2020 Global evaluation agenda. The main EvalYear ceremony will be held in the Parliament of Nepal to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation, including by promoting engagement of policy makers in evaluation and use of evidence from evaluation in policy-making. 

To celebrate EvalYear, a series of international events have been planned for 2015, in which an “evaluation torch” will be passed over focusing on four themes:

  • Identifying the key future priorities for the global evaluation community to launch the2016-2020 Global Evaluation Agenda;
  • Bridging the gap between the evaluation community (supply side) and the policy makers community  (demand side), including Parliamentarians,  to ensure good quality, equity-focused and gender-responsive  evaluations are demanded and used in policy making;
  • Mainstreaming equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations in Sustainable Development Goals at international level, and in national development strategies at national level;
  • Developing equity-focused and gender-responsive National Evaluation policies.

The Global Evaluation Week hosted at the Parliament of Nepal will be the culmination of the celebrations for 2015 International Year of Evaluation. Pls mark your calendar accordingly!

Provider - EvalPartners

Format - Face to Face

Cost - See website for details

Duration - 5 days

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